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Meditation Hands

Meditation Hands

What does the position of your hands have to do with meditation?

Various Hand Poses

Meditation is great for everyone. I know we are all busy and tend to think “What will five minutes of that change for me?” It turns out - quite a bit! For starters five minutes of meditation can reduce your levels of anxiety, stress, and depression. More than that it can help you focus, and it actually improves your grey matter after just eight weeks - All scientifically proven!

Many people don’t practice because they get overwhelmed with how it’s done right. First rule - There Are No Rules! We can take those off the table. What we will do is break down little pieces and see if we can help you improve on the basics you already have. In this blog we are only going to discuss the different hand poses called Mudras.

For simplicity sake, meditation is a way of moving energy to your brain. You might find during meditation your hands move, or want to move, into a position you wouldn’t normally hold them in. This is called a Mudra. Using these hand gestures, combined with deep breathing, help make the energy flow in different directions to achieve different benefits. The best part is - You can use whatever you want or none at all! For the most part it will start out organically and grow from there anyway. No Rules!

** Fun Fact: Combining your Mudra with a Mantra will strengthen your Mantra.

The names are not the focus but here are some basic Mudras you might be interested in trying to work with:

  • Dhyana Mudra - hand-in-hand, open. A great Mudra to help balance your thoughts and bring tranquility.

  • Closed Mudra - one hand on each knee facing down. This will help you feel grounded.

  • Cosmic Mudra - hand-in-hand facing up with thumbs touching. Using this will help with increasing your self-awareness.

  • Gyan Mudra - thumb touching first finger palm up (the one you think of when you think of meditation). This will help with enhancing knowledge, wisdom, creativity and calmness.

  • Surya Ravi Mudra - ring finger touching thumb palm up. This one helps with a boost to your self-confidence and balance.

  • Buddhi Mudra - thumb to pinkie, other fingers straight, and palms up. This is a great one for strengthening your intuition and mental clarity.

Meditating already on a regular basis? Try changing up your Mudra and see if your results change a bit. I’d love to hear your experiences. Not mediating yet? What’s holding you back? You now have some great reasons to start and six ways to change it up. It only takes five minutes a day.

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