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Redecorating Your Space During COVID

It’s funny when you say anything about creating space to women, most of us immediately think of our own home decor. Making a special space for ourselves in our homes, a secret sanctuary. Have you ever thought about your internal space though? I am talking about the space inside you where you tell yourself how great you look today or how you aren't good enough. We all do it! But have you ever thought about it being 'Your Space' to decorate? Making it truly as special as you are?

Mind Over Mood - First Edition

This great article in Psychology Today points out that "Negative self-talk often does not reflect one's reality" but still we carry on with it. We allow our internal dialogue to determine how we see everything around us. The great news is that you are in control of your thoughts! The crappy part - it might be time to redecorate and this takes a little bit of effort?

Back in university I read a book called 'Mind Over Mood' and worked through the questionnaires too. This was a great experience in helping me realize how much in control, of my own surroundings, I truly am at all times. It's about looking at your patterns of thinking and how you can change them. You have it within you to change your beliefs and thinking! When you keep those thoughts positive things around you become more positive.

In the middle of this COVID crisis I ask you to take some time redecorate your internal space. Don't allow anxiety, panic, and fear to cloud your space. Here are some tricks that might help you get started:

  1. Practice deep breathing to help you reconnect and relax. 5 Deep Breaths every hour to raise your awareness to your breathing and surroundings.

  2. Try meditation every day. If it is only 5 minutes it's perfect! Keep working at it!

  3. Work at completing some tasks you have been avoiding. Getting these things done will help you feel a stronger sense of confidence.

  4. Start your Self-Talk with your name. "Tricia, you are awesome!" Try it and see how that feels.

  5. THE Most Important One: Write down three things you are grateful for every morning. Gratitude will pull your energy into a more positive direction and raise your happiness level just by thinking about what you are grateful for.

Redecorate the Mind

Psychically I am a bit concerned about some of you in the coming weeks. I have seen a rise in some negative behaviors and reactions through my meditations and work. This is something we can all start to avoid now. Our outcomes are always up to us. Do we take action and utilize tools we are given or do we give in to these feelings and beliefs? No one can make another person take positive steps or action but we can be there to help anyone who is falling down.

Please, if you are caught up in anxiety or you feel depression overwhelming you, reach out! Know there are people out here willing to help and listen. Start using some tools today to prepare you for tomorrow and start redecorating that internal space!

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